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    Default NAD 2200 in Flea Market


    I was looking at the NAD 2200 that is for sale in the Flea Market. As long as I have owned audio equipment, I have always gone the route of an A/V Receiver. Currently, I own a NAD T761 A/V receiver. Can someone explain what the benefit would be to adding an amp such as this to the NAD receiver? The receiver has pre-outs for all channels. Could I use this amp to bi-amp the RTi70s? Would there be any benefit in that? Excuse my ignorance, but I don't know much when it comes to receiver vs. separates vs. a combination of both.


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    Smile in theory...

    In theory you could use the rec./amp combo to bi amp the RTi70's, but my understanding of bi amping is you should use the same amps, to avoid any mismatch. You could run into problems with matching the levels of the rec. & the amp.

    A better use of that amp would be in a bi-wire configuration to run the RTi70's, and use the rec. to drive your surround channels.

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    Actually, matching the gain is what is important. As for using the same amps, it is beneficial to have more watts going to the woofers than the tweets/mids.

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    Thumbs up right on

    that is what I meant, matching the gains. just couldn't remeber how to put it.

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    ...the other benefit would be the quality of the seperate amplifier. There's only so much room in a receiver, so concessions are made. With a seperate power amplifier you have the room necessary for large capacitors, seperation of channels, etc.

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