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    Default Single cable Amp out put to sub with stero input.

    I have this older Amp, a JVC RX-5030V, and i just bought a Polk speaker package, Polk RM-705. Now, a detail that i missed when matching up the specs on these two products is the fact that the amp has a single 'Sub Out' and the Sub has a right and left input RCA input, is this something that i need to be worried about?

    Advice Please.

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    KJC, nothing to be alarmed about, consult the sub documentation, it'll tell you how to hook it up correctly for your application.
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    It's cheap and will get you up and running. You will still need a RCA cable though.
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    I think with most subs it's fine to just plug the subwoofer cable into the left input. Set the receiver's subwoofer level to -4, say, and adjust the subwoofer's amp to your liking. Now maybe your particular subwoofer is different, but most of the time you don't need to connect to both left and right inputs.

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