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    Smile Polk newbie, SDA-1C ??

    Hello, I'm relatively new to club Polk, but have been lurking and searching for info on locating a pair of SDA's. Thanks to club polk I have a nice pair of SDA-1C's on the way, S/b here today from Dpasl, (thanks btw). Anyway, does anyone have specs on these? Iv'e searched club polk for specs, but have found conflicting info, especially concerning sensitivity. Every where from 90-95dbs.

    These are replacing a pair of Pioneer HPM-100's in my vintage system. What got me interested in these again was listening to a friends pair of SDA SRS's driven by a Hafler DH500. The soundstage blew me away as it did when I auditioned them in the mid 80's. Back then I didn't really give them a second thought as they were WAY out of my price range, but I think the soundstage affected me in speaker selection to this day. Anyway, thanks for any information you may have on these. I'll post a review of these this weekend.

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    This is from the SDA Compendium, compiled by a forum member Raife.

    Size : 44H x 16 9/16W x 11 1/2D

    Weight : 100 Lbs. (85Lbs. Studio)

    Freq Response :15Hz - 26kHz
    -3dB Freq Limits : 35Hz - 20kHz

    Recommended Amplification : 50-500 WPC

    Impedence : 6 Ohms

    Sensitivity : 90db

    Dates of Manufacture : 87 - 90

    The SDA Compendium was compiled with information directly from Polk, and various other sources.

    95dB for the SDA1B and SDA1, not the SDA1C. Only a couple SDA models drop into the 80's for sensitivity, and they are very high 80's.

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