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    Default Favorite System (Desktop or Main)

    Most folks on this forum have more than system in their house. I used to have three but moved one to my work office (not in my home).I now have two in my home (both of equal quality) and for just chillin I always seem to gravitate to the one in my home office. Close the door, get a Johnny Black on the rocks and just unwind. Not sure if its the privacy, or I prefer the near field desktop listening but its where I enjoy music the best.

    Anyone else prefer their desktop over main rig?
    Rig1 - Totem Hawks, Benchmark HDR, Parasound A21, Sonus, Samsung 52 LCD, Audioquest Type4
    Rig2 - LFD LE IV Integrated, Harbeth P3ESR, Rega Dac, MF V-Link, IMAC, Audioquest Type4

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    My favorite set up for near/mid field would be my Sherwood s 8000 iv tube receiver and AR 2ax its sweet in a dark quiet room.

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