Hi All,

I would appreciate any help. I have looked at many docs online and have had no luck yet.

My subwoofer is synchronised to my bar (both bar and woofer are on the same channel and woofer has a solid green light).

When I press the sub volume up on the supplied remote the bar flashes so I'm assuming its receiving the signal, however I get no sound out of the woofer.

I've disabled all Wi-Fi devices near the bar, I've had bar and woofer switched off then powered off for 10 mins and reconnected them both, I've tried optical and audio inputs on various devices and still no sound.

Is there anything else I can try? Can I program another remote or somehow increase the woofer volume? Or am I looking at a hardware fault?

If it is a hardware fault, can anybody recommend somewhere is Melbourne, Australia that is a polk authorised repairer?