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    Default New legs for the rack

    Since the Parasound A-21 is 1/4" too wide I decided to make new legs and reuse the shelves. In the first photo you can see the notches in the old legs. I reused the old legs when I changed the shelf heights before. I am using 2" jatoba for the new legs. Second pic is the jig to notch all 4 legs at once with the router. Third is of the curved legs. I had to cut the inside to the legs to get enough room. I am going to use lag bolts to bolt into the shelves. I think it weighed 60 lbs before so it will more now. That jatoba is heavy. It should look nice. Making new legs.jpgNew leg jig.jpgA-21.jpg
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    The order of the ok pics came over wrong. This photo upload is ?

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    Hey Greg! I dunno whats up with the insert pics thing. You can click on link, copy the pic address and stick img tags around link [img] [/img] to get them to show up in post.

    Looks great! Beautiful wood. Better option that trimming the amp, eh? ;)

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    nice work
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    We'll done

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