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    Default a little advice needed

    On a previous thread I posted that I have one of the worst POS Denon tt out there.DP-11f. The main problem is that it has a spring loaded on/off button and all other switches are lit to the touch type. Adjusting seems fine,tracking the same but if I forget to push the button to turn it off it will power on indefinately ,get warm and if left on clearly warp an album. So I this add in C/L for this Dual tt w/ dust cover ,headshell but no cartridge for $75. My cart now is a Grado GF-3 w/ the screw and nut attachment. Is this an ok deal and would the Grado be a quick install knowing I'll be needing a better cart up the line. I have owned a Dual 1229 years in the past and loved it and have not inquired yet on this tt.

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    don't know anything about those in particular but the they'll prolly take 50 or 60 and for that dough cant go wrong .I would just be concerned with cartridge /tone arm compatibility with regards to mass.

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    Hate to say it, but any turntable under $150 is probably going to give you headaches of some sort. That is, unless you can find a deal and get into one of the higher end Technics or Yamaha direct drives, or find a deal on a simple belt drive fully manual table like a Rega, Thorens, Music Hall, NAD, etc. In general, I would stay away from the fully automated tables.

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