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    Post Please help, does this work all together?

    I am new at car audio, I've looked into it a lot but I want to make sure the stuff im getting will work well with each other, keep in mind i'm on a kinda small budget.




    **Does this all work together??

    If there is any ideas what I should get instead, that would be awesome!

    I have not purchased anything yet.
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    Yes the cheap boss amp is 2 ohm stable and is compatible with the mtx subwoofers. Do yourself a favor and stay away from that junk. I understand that you're on a budget but I don't think you will enjoy that setup. The boss wire kit is a joke and will not supply the current of a decent amp.

    If you can find some RCA wires, here is a quality amp kit for a low price..

    This is the car audio package I recommend. The amplifier is much more powerful and of much higher quality then boss amplifiers. The setup can handle much more abuse that an amateur is likely to cause. It is also capable of being much louder and sounding much better then the listed setup. I can help you design an enclosure if you know somebody with woodworking skills. Otherwise I can give you an enclosure that will work well with the subwoofer if you pay for shipping.

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    A cheap usable combo but I'd change the amp choice for something with less THD

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