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    Default RC65i grill removal

    Any tips for removing the grill on these? I tried a paper clip as per the manual, but unless they're using some hardened steel custom paper clips I'm not seeing that happening. They all just bend and the grill does not come off when pulling.

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    Welcome to Polk's forum. Probably the best tool to use is a dental pick, but not everyone has one of those available. You can use one of the larger paper clips, going around the circumference of the grille little bits at a time. The wrong approach is to try and pull it off from only one spot, it will bind and not come out.
    Also the point of a sheet metal screw can be used, use care to not damage any of the holes.
    Regards, Ken

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    lol, wth kind of engineering is that. One of selling points is it's paintable, but there's no real way to remove the grill other than some cob job of a procedure.

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