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    Default thoughts on this DAC

    My audio store guy says this DAC is Awesome..
    I would like to know if any of you have heard it or know anything about it..
    He compares it to DAC's costing 2K
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    I've heard TEAC is very cold sounding. That's exactly what I try to avoid in my DAC's.
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    I've had that and another TEAC here and they both sounded very similar, very accurate but cold and not very musical at all. I still think the Sabre and AKM DACs are my favorite, great mix of accuracy and detail but still very musical and organic. Wolfson I find too farm on the other end, nice and warm sounding but lacking detail and a tad too laid back for me.
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    I tried that Dac, and thought it was lifeless! Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus was twice the Dac at a lot less $
    That was my experience.
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    I have the TEAC ud-501; but am not yet ready to give my review, which would only be based upon hearing the TEAC. There are 4 filters for DSD use; less for PCM. Some of these have been described by owners as less than X (musicality adj) , others as > X (musicality adj).

    I used a 256 kbps file of Dylan's "Cross The Green Mountain" for burn-in of my TEAC. I listened several times with ATH-M50S cans; & liked what I heard. I purchased Audirvana + last night; have installed a SSD in my late 2009 MBP, 8 GB RAM & OS Mavericks. Went with 400 Firewire as a backup mode after reading:

    "My deep dive into media storage interfaces: Musical differences heard between chipsets, Firewire 400/800, USB, SATA, flash drives, SD cards, and network shares (Warning: may cause seizures in the DBT crowd and flat earth naysayers)."

    I've read several owners' opinions thatthe ud-501's balanced XLR outputs were superior-sounding to unbalanced RCA. I will be hooking the TEAC up to my new Yamaha A-S2000's balanced inputs.

    I've seen comments on the Sabre DACs posing problems with Macs. I believe any "review" should state what OS is being used; as well as software. The link above has several posters who've gone to putting their OS on flashdrive cards to eliminate "noise."

    Here's a reviewer who states "Also on hand and in use during the Teac UD-501 review: iFi iDAC, Mytek Stereo 192-DSD DAC, Emotiva XDA-2 Differential Reference DAC, Parasound Zdac, HRT Stream HD, Meridian Explorer."

    Among the commenters, owner Archimago has several links of his total evaluation of the TEAC; as well as comparing it to the Oppo 105. He presents, ew "graphs," of his findings; rather than the RS "musicality meter" readings favored on this forum.

    I've gone to see the KSU Program Director, Communication Sciences and Disorders, the last 2 years. I'm borderline on needing hearing aids. IF I go with them, I'd be glad to post before/after test scales (I'm lacking in the area of female, specifically wife's, voices).

    I've read where an owner replaced some caps in the ud-501's output stage & brought his to another level. I would rec for other owner reviews.
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