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    Angry Polk Audio Soundbar 5000 Issues

    Hi, hoping someone here can help, as I've contacted Polk Audio customer service through the customer service portal TWICE about my problem and have no response whatsoever.

    My soundbar is only a few months old. From day one, if there's no audio coming through the soundbar for more than 3 minutes (paused movie, etc) the soundbar shuts down, and not where I can just turn it back on with the remote. I have to get up, walk over to the bar and flip the switch off and then back on, but I have to be sure to have the remote in my hand because it comes back on at close to max volume. Lost a couple years off my life the first time that happened, I really jumped.

    Now, in addition to that, in the last couple of months, if the sound bar has been on any length of time, the sound coming thru the bar continually cuts in & out. It's very annoying, especially for the $$ for this product.

    My soundbar/subwoofer is just a few months old. I had alot of options, and did alot of research before choosing, but chose Polk because of product quality history and company reputation. Kind of questioning both of those now, especially as I'm learning that this issue isn't unique to just me, and based on the complete lack of response by Polk support.

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    Hello FrozenMN,
    First of all, welcome to Polk's forum, I'm sorry there's a problem. I believe I can offer a partial explanation on what's happening, the SB has an automatic standby function that is probably being triggered by no incoming audio for the length of time you mention. As to why you need to use the main power on/off and the full on power, I'm not sure. However I will bring this to the attention of the CS manager for you.
    You can contact him, Kim Jasper, at or via phone to: 1-800-377-7655 extension 208. Again, I'm sorry there's a problem, but Polk will straighten it out for you.
    Regards, Ken

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