Tonight I went to see Dave Mason at the Paramount Theater in Asbury Park.Opening was a band called Live on Dead and their promo rap says they do note for note recreations of Dead albums.This was hardly the case as no album was played and what they played sounded horrible.Not in slow Greatful Dead sort of way but in a bad sounding clone GD way and it was brutal.
They did a full hour w/ songs coming together after a few adjustments and some were even passable but I would never recommend or see them again.Dave Mason comes out w/ only a 3 piece band and no bass player which I found very strange.He opened w/ a bunch of Traffic tunes playing mostly an electrified acoustic 12 string and then got serious w/ a modded Telecaster. He did a solid 90 minutes and ended w/ Feeling Alright then came for an encore of a jazzed up searing Hot Tuna style All Along The Watch Tower.He has not lost any of his chops at all and is as fluent a guitarist as ever.