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    Default Question related to timber matching

    Upgrading from a HTIB system and I know the center is the most important speaker so that was my first purchase. I got a CS10 a year ago and am ready to get some tower fronts now. I sampled the TSX line the other day against a RTI A7 and really liked the RTI A line better. My issue is if I got the RTI A line would the timber matching to the CS10 be that off, or would it be better to just get the TSX line to better match my center. Prefer not to switch out the center for budget reasons if I didn't have to. Some music use but mostly for home theater.

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    For the most part your 3 front main speakers (center, L&R) make up the majority of your HT dialogue and if your speakers aren't timbre matched if will affect the way it sounds, especially voices. If HT is important then timbre matched components do matter.

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    Try it out before you decide to change out the center channel. Only your own ears will know if not having them matched will bother you. None of my speakers match and I think it sounds just fine.
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    timber matching? hardwoods to hardwoods; firs to firs.

    Timbre matching? different story...

    all the best,

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