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    Default Need Help! Itunes library to dbpoweramp?

    Will this upgrade the sound? Is this easy to convert? I have 300 songs in my iTunes, some ripped from cd's, and some bought from iTunes. Reference R14, and PerfectTunes is only $56 from dbpoweramp. Is there something better? And I have no idea how to do this, or if its even worth the time?? I'm only looking for best possible sound.
    Thanx for any help fellas!
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    Were the recorded in ALAC or mP3? If MP3 I don't think that would improve the sound quality. But give it a try.
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    They can only sound as good as the originals.

    If they are crap now, they will still be crap after converting them to another format regardless of what conversion software you use.
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    If you're looking for the best possible sound then your first step would be to stop buying music from iTunes, at least until they get with the programs and start selling lossless files.

    I'm amazed at the number of people who purchase music from iTunes and then think they can get the best sound from it. You can't convert, upsample or resample a music file and expect to get better sound from it, doesn't work like that.

    Here's what you need to do in order to get the best sound quality:

    1 - STOP BUYING FROM ITUNES (or any other service for that matter that does not sell lossless files)
    2 - If you're on a Mac then grab a program like Amarra that will run on top of iTunes to get better sound quality. Your library is managed thru iTunes but Amarra handles all the sample rate conversion and sound processing and provides a better sound.
    3 - If you're on Windows then your best options will be those that bypass the windows sound mixer programs, something like foobar or JRiver have modes that will bypass the windows sound mixer and instead provide native USB support via ASIO or WSAPI
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    About says it all. ^^^^

    Also, converting an MP3 file to lossless is a no-no too. You simply can't recoup information that isn't there from the git-go.

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