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Thread: server swap

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    Default server swap

    For those of us that have been long time squeezebox user know the pain that the LMS can be. I have some good news on a little project I did Friday. My current server running LMS is having a number of Hardware and other software issues keeping me on my toes on the daily maintenance of the unit. I have another PC that hardly ever gets any use and decide to do the swap. Doesn't sound like much, but I had to do a complete re-install of the OS (Xp SP3) which means finding all the drivers for this unit. Its an older PC I rescued from a neighbor that was about to throw it out, due to staples sales rep telling them it was on its last leg (trying to make a buck) I took it 4 yrs ago and did a slow format of the 120 gig HD and fresh install of OS and it came to life again. Its a Dell 8300 Demension P4 3.0 Ghz w/2Gig ram. I gutted some of the parts out of my old rig and added it to the Dell:

    Plaxtor DVD RW
    2nd HD Sata 80GB
    1 Gig of Ram

    After going through all the MS updating and drivers needed for everything, I installed a fresh LMS, added the external HD's (holds all the music). My biggest work after that was resetting all of the players in the house to log into the new server. Did a few test on different players to see what needed to be tweeked, I'm sure its the new thing effect in my head, but the music just seem to sound a bit better (deeper blackness). Before anyone gets any bright ideals my server works wirelessly, so it does not produce any sound in the chain of transfer of the music, its just the storage part.

    I really like it as it only has minimal programs running, so it leaves more of the 3Gig of ram and CPU power to run the LMS.
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    I too have an old Dell 8300 Dimension XP machine that I have had to rebuild after a lightning strike....Dell still had the MB I needed which made it all work again.

    I run my Squeezebox LMS on it, as well as my Davis Personal Weather Station SW which builds and submits weather data up to Weather Underground every 5 miniutes and runs 24 hrs a day, and even sometimes stream a video on the old Dell.

    The LMS has always worked flawlessly for all my Squeezebox clients...a couple radios and 3 duets, plus squeezePlay on all my computers. I keep my music on a USB drive plugged into the Dell.

    I've always felt the LMS was able to easily operate even in busy resource requirement environments.
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