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    Unhappy Subwoofer quiet on PS3 music playback

    I have a PSW-108 subwoofer hooked up to my Sony str-dh800 receiver. I have it set up perfectly for watching movies. However, when I stream music from my PC to my PS3 using PS3 Media Server, the bass is quite lacking, almost non-existent. I know an
    easy solution would be to simply turn the volume up on the sub whenever I listen to music, but then I need to find the sweet
    spot again when I want to watch a movie (which I do way more of than listening to music). Just wondering and hoping
    somebody has encountered this issue and came up with a solution.

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    Are you playing CDs or streaming music? Are you using the ps3 media server software? I use that on occasion and it works pretty good but compressed music is only going to have so much SQ to it.
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    I'm streaming my music from my computer using ps3 media server. that's how i watch a lot of my movies and the audio comes through just great. i watched enders game last night and it sounded amazing.

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    Music typically doesn't have alot of deep bass information like movies.

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    So is the music coming through the same input as the movies? Is the receiver using the same decoding method/DSP? It could perhaps be playing in pure two channel when music is playing or be using some weird DSP (like old school pro logic) and they could be why the bass is lacking. It sounds to me like your receiver is doing something different when you are playing music so I would go over the settings. There shouldn't be THAT much of a difference...

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