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    Default sub placement and phase settings

    Hey all. I hooked up my old Polk psw110 sub to my 2ch system. Its placed on the right side of the setup, as I have my other sub for my HT setup on the left side. While fine tuning, I left the phase at 0 and the bass was very weak and localized. When I switched the phase to 180, the bass improved significantly.. and it created the effect that the bass is coming from the bookshelf's! The sub had dissappered!! I'm wondering if placement had a lot to do with that...b/c my HT sub which is on the left side has the phase set to 0. Any thoughts??
    My 3.1 HT setup: Pioneer SP-FS52x2, Pioneer SP-C22, SVS PB1000, Denon AVR 1613, PS3 slim, Samsung 46" 3D TV.
    My 2ch Music setup: Polk R40s, Yamaha RX-496 stereo receiver, Auvio Bluetooth w/NFC Music Receiver, JSI DVD/CD Player with HDMI upconvert.

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    Sounds like your ears are working :)

    That's not uncommon to experience. Try doing a subwoofer crawl test , that can reveal even more.

    Search the interwebs for how to do it. Tons of useful info.
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