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    Default Melee Optical Output

    So I just received my Melee headset and realized that I do not have an optical out on my XBOX 360. It is an old model and its the arcade version. I am getting the XBOX One in a few weeks but was wondering what the optical cord actually does because I just plugged it into my tv instead and the usb into the controller usb and I have all my audio but no microphone. So is the optical being plugged into the tv instead of the system my issue with gamechat?


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    You need the mix amp plugged into your 360 controller for game chat. The optical is just to send sound to the headset, not for chat.

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    hello all new to the room and just thought I'd throw some thing out to get a feel for what yall think whats everyone think about if Polk Audio would go with making a headset with COD for their type gaming .I know the Melee is by forza & Halo but that's not a headset for all so what do you think let me and all at POLK what we think

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    the old 360 has an optical on the original A/v cable, the component annd analog cable is switched and has an optical jack, noot sure if you can useit with hdmi though
    AVR: Yamaha RX-V 765
    Fronts: Polk RTiA3
    sub: Polk PSW110(will add 2x PSW 505)
    Center: CS13
    surrounds:Polk RTi4
    TV: samsung 40
    The real 2 Channel(work in progress):
    Pre:HK 3490
    Amp:Parasound 1200 MK II
    Sub:RBH 1010-SEP
    Speakers: Monitor 5 Jr. +
    most of my comments are passing on of info, im a noob, im just trying to help how i can, if im wrong or out of place to comment, dont hesitate to let me know :)

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