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    Default Polk TSX550T two or three way speaker

    Is it normal for a company to refuse to say if a speaker is a two-way or three-way speaker? Is it a secret if a speaker is a two or three way speaker?
    Daniel Taylor of Polk Audio seems to think so.

    I asked the question and here is his answer:
    "The specific crossover points for each speaker in the tower is proprietary information that we cannot release."

    I told him that I do not care about the specific crossover points, only if it has one or two crossover points as in a two-way or three-way speaker.

    He gave me the same answer again.

    The reason I asked is because I saw a review somewhere only that mentioned only one crossover point.
    I know that the tweeter is on one set of binding post and the mid-range and woofers are on the other set of post.

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    The Polk info page says this is a THREE WAY system, if that helps.

    Seems odd Polk would not divulge the crossover points because they used to list that. For example most of the TSI series are crossed over at 2500 Hz.

    Hmmmmmm....? Seems like this SITE has systematically PURGED almost ALL former crossover point INFO? Why would Polk DO THAT?

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    When I asked the question on the website, they answered that it is three-way because it has a tweeter, mid range and woofers.
    They said to sent a message to the supplied e-mail address for further info.

    Daniel Taylor replied to the e-mail but would not say if the speaker has one or two crossover points.

    This is the website answer:
    The TSx550T is a 3 way speaker. It has a tweeter, mid range and subwoofers. Please email for crossover frequencies.

    This is Taylor's answer:
    The specific crossover points for each speaker in the tower is proprietary information that we cannot release.

    The review mentioned in my original post only mentioned one crossover point.

    I know that this is probably not an important thing to know but should not be a secret.

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    I finally got an answer from Polk about the TSX550T crossover question.
    This is the answer:
    There is one cascaded crossover to make this a 3-way speaker.

    This is from the Polk website:
    Audio Interference Cascades Away!
    Polk engineers designed a special cascade tapered array crossover to manipulate the frequency response of individual drivers in multi-driver arrays. In this setup, one driver is crossed over at a much lower frequency, making that driver essentially a bass-only driver in the array. This frees up other drivers to concentrate on more detailed frequencies, such as the upper mid-range. Thus technically separated, performance-robbing interference is tuned right out of the system.

    With no comb filtering interference blocking the details, Polk loudspeakers reveal a seamless, lifelike soundstage no matter where you're sitting in your listening room or your home theater. There’s no more sweet spot, because your whole room sounds pretty sweet! You can hear the interference-free imaging impact of the Cascade Tapered Array Crossover in the multi-driver LSi Series, RTi towers, Monitor towers, TSi towers and high-end CSi models.

    This article was last modified on Mar 26, 2013
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    For anyone that is interested:

    Polk sent an updated answer to the two-way or three-way question about the TSX550t speaker.

    "It’s a 2-way cascaded design or a 2.5 way if you like", whatever that means.
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