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Thread: confused

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    Default confused

    help hi could somebody explain to me if the melee xbox 360 and the polk 4 shot xb1 are the same headset, and will melee work on the xbox 1 with an adator? if so are the melee the better headset to buy and use on the xb1 as they have 4 diff eq settings dont they so arent these the better head set? and why isnt this feature on the polk 4 shot ? need help asap as i will need to cancel my 4shot headset to melee if there the better headset sorry if this doesnt make sense im just confused lol

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    The Polk Melee and Polk 4 Shot are the exact same headsets. The 4 EQ settings featured with the Melee ONLY work when using the Xbox 360. When in use with the Xbox One, both headsets will work the exact same way (stereo sound with no EQ settings). If you want a headset to use with both your Xbox 360 and Xbox One you should get the Melee. If you only need a headset for the Xbox One you can get either or.

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    If you opt for the black finish 4 Shot, you might want to consider the Melee instead because it's priced at $135 versus $160 (4 Shot). More bang for your buck.

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