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    Default USB cable from computer to pre_amp?

    Would it be better to use the usb audio out from my computer rather than the 3.5mm audio out?

    The distance from my computer to the pre_amp is 15'

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    Not enough info for someone to really answer your ?

    like what pre-amp are you using? is their a dac (digital analog converter) in your pre-amp?

    does it have Digital inputs? like usb -coax - optical? because to use the usb connection you would have to load a driver into your pc that is normaly supplied by the maker of the dac for this to work. then your pc could connect this way and the pre-amp/dac would just be a new sound card for it.

    and welcome to the forum!

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    USB, coax digital, or fiber digital is most likely going to be better than any digital to analog conversion done in the computer!

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