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    Default Marantz NR-1504 - enough power?

    I am thinking of purchasing this receiver. I love the form factor and the ease of connections.

    I have the LSiM705s that will be powered with an external amp. My question is, will this receiver be powerful enough to push the LSim704c and rear in-ceiling speakers (RC80i)? I listen to HT50%/Music50% of the time and on occasion do like to listen and mid to high volume levels.

    Give me your thoughts and I appreciate the feedback.
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    I don't see why not, though 60 watts seems on the light side for that center, you may have to bump up the center channel levels to match the fronts. The only thing is that receiver only has preouts for the fronts, nothing for center or surrounds. That may limit you on future speaker upgrades but if it serves your purpose for now, roll with it.

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    Anyone else have any opinions?

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    I sampled a NR-1403...same basic ratings as the NR1504, felt its power output would be completely outstaged by my seperate amp and it was. I'd personally go with an AVR with a little more heft, just my opinion.
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