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    Default Review dvd players 45a vs xp30

    I have some thoughts on the pioneer 45a and panasonic xp30.
    Recently purchased the 45a at ultimate electronics price was 320.00. First impression was that it was light weight flimsy build quality. The reason for the purchase was the fact that it could play sacds and dvda discs and was proscan seemed to be a verry good buy for the money.

    After hooking it up with monster video 3 component wires played lord of the rings two towers. First immpression was that the color looked off, kinda like a strange tint to it. This was my first dedicated dvd player hooked up to my Hitachi and I was expecting better than my Ps2 and did not get the results that I had been expecting. I did further research and found that it had less than killer reviews. Started looking for another unit because of chroma bug issues that player was said to have I did notice some instances where the edges did look jaged hence causing the picture to be fuzzy.

    Positives: Verry quick acting player example being the fact that if you push the eject button player opens immeditly.

    Playes sacd dvda discs although I never hooked it up that way to lazy and bummed by pq to mess with it much.

    Looks very nice in the black and it says Elite on it .

    Remembers where you left off in a movie so even if you power off you can still return to that moment after you power back on.

    Now the xp30 build quality seems to be about the same as the 45a but some thing about it feels more well built. I would compare it to the build quality between a Lexus and a Cadilac. Weight seems about the same but the xp30 is only half as thick. The remote I would have to prefer the 45as over the xp30 because of the joystick that the 45a has and the jog dial that it also has. The 45a buttons seem to varry in size more so that you have to do less looking and more feeling while the xp30s all have the same size buttons.

    Now the xp30 has this Frajudah chip in it which is supposedly one of the better chips on the market that is what caused me to purchase it blind on ebay. I paid 320.00 shipped. Im sure if I looked that I could have found it for maybe up to a hundred less. Made a quick buy because the fact that they are no longer being made and the 45a being a dissapointment to me.

    Picture quality seems be be better the color tones seem to be more on doesent look as funny to me. Hardley noticed fuzz in the picture yet. Still it did give me the feeling of perfection that I was looking for. In some parts of the movie there seems to be still blurr in certain scenes I now blame maybe the cable will be ordering the signal cable in the next few days to see if this helps.

    Surprisingly the sound seems alot better in the xp30. Cant explain it. Same optical cable just sounds more crisp and accurate.
    Amazing that the pq was my main concern and it has deffinitly left a positive sound improvement.

    Please feel free to add any comments or questions.
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    Nice review, thanks for sharing your experience with us.
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