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    Default Turn THX off? Integra DTR 6.8

    I have an Integra DTR 6.8 receiver. Is there anyway to turn the THX processing off? I am not a fan of it and would prefer to use either Dolby D or DTS. Love the receiver but can't stand this "feature".

    Appreciate your thoughts.

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    Your remote should have a Listening mode, don't select THX as for DTS it only works if the sound source was recorded in DTS, or Dolby D on a DVD movie... Your receiver is THX capable
    Don't forget THX certification is more than just passing a few THX tests. And that any receiver that has THX certification also has various THX processing options, and that they can be turned off, so you don't have to use them if you don't want to. In which case it's better to have THX certification and processing options available if you want to use them, than it is to not have them available but wanting them. I would definitely not count any brand out of the running just because it has THX certification, because it is certainly not any sort of disadvantage to have it.

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