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    Default Newbie to projectors

    I am thinking about the dive into PJ . Any good websites? Models recommended? Price range $400 to 1200 Probly for my first dive. I also want to know what is thought about screens that let sound through? I would like my SDA's and center placed behind screen. As always thanks for any help. D

    Pioneer Elite SC 63
    SDA SRS 1.2 front
    Rti12 rear
    FXiA6 sides
    Emotiva XPA 3
    Adcom GFA 555
    CSiA6 center
    PSW505 Subwoofer
    Original PS3 60G
    Oppo DV981HD cd transport
    Mitsubishi 73 rear projection
    Sanyo DC Servo player TP 727 turntable
    Monster HTS 5100MKII
    MIT MH-750 cables

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    The main reviewer there is pretty good at comparing with other models, explaining features, and telling you what really matters. I think your budget might need to go up a bit to include a screen unless you can swing a really good deal. I prefer the fixed frame screens. The one from Visual Apex is among the least expensive, but is of good quality.

    IMO, you shouldn't bother with a projector unless you are going 92" or larger.
    Figure $250-350 for a good 92"-110" screen. Get the largest you can fit and light up with the projector you choose. Important to do the light calculations and make sure you will get a bright enough image with a given screen.

    What will your main use for this projector be? Movies, games, sports viewing, TV? For sports and game playing, some prefer DLP models. For movies, the 3-lcd types tend to get more praise.

    Hard to beat this for the price:

    Epson refurbs can be hit or miss, but they all come with 2-year warranties and they overnight replacementswhen you have an issue, you usually have a replacement 2-days or less.

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    That budget was just for the PJ. Screen would be extra. Room is lower level ,so really dark. Thanks.

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    I'd snag a new Optoma 131xe for $720 on amazon, and you can get an acoustically transparent screen for it for $400ish. That Epson Bill posted is a nice one as well and as long as you don't mind refurbed is a great projector for the money.
    Theater Room: Pioneer Elite SC-35, RTi12's, Csi5, Fxi5's, Fxi3's, ED A5-350 sub, Optoma HD20, 92'' Elite Screen, Xbox One, APC H15, MIT Exp 2 SC's, Pepster PC's

    Living Room: Martin Logan EM ESL's, Peachtree Audio iNova, MIT AVT2 SC's & IC's, Pepster PC, Sharp Aquos 60'', Sony BDP S-790, Airport Express

    Bedroom: Panasonic AX200U projector, 110" screen

    Outdoor: Polk Atrium 5's, Yamaha Rxv371

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    You gotta get a benq w1070, thats all you need to know

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