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    Nov 2011
    Mid Michigan


    Mine comes from a nick name of dragon or Draco. I used to keep toads for pets and i decided to combine the Latin names for dragon and the american toad "Bofo Americanus" into Draco Americanus and that means American Dragon and just like any modern dragon i horde shiny audio equipment
    Also i have no connection to that snot from the hairy potter series just to set the record
    There is no cure....
    Luxman M117, SDA SRS 2.3, rear monitor 10, back rear bose 4.2, valodyne sub and 2 Onkyo m-504 amps Onkyo TX-NR709
    8mm, 7.62x39mm

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    Mar 2009
    Grayslake, IL


    Work related: M.U.F.S.O. = Multi-Unit FoodService Organization. "Man" because I am.
    Sharp LC-80LE632U
    Pioneer SC-07
    Parasound HCA-2003A (LCR)
    Rotel RMB-1095 (SS, SB)
    Front: Rti12's
    Center: Csi A6
    Side & Rear Surrounds: Mirage OMD-5
    Subs: Epik Legend x 2 and SVS PB12/+2
    Velodyne SMS-1
    Pioneer BDP-320
    Logitech Harmony 700 Universal Remote
    APC H15
    XLO IEC power cords by Pepster
    Morrow Audio MA4 IC's
    Audioquest Chocolate & Pangea Audio HDMI's

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    Feb 2014


    Sweet S-10 V8, 20 yrs ago when I was 17ish my dad and I swapped a V8 into my Chevy S-10 pickup. I thought it was the fastest thing on the planet... Haha
    Man cave:
    120" screen
    Epson 8350 projector
    4 Tap Kegerator

    AVR: Onkyo 818
    Sub: SVS 25-31 PCi
    Fronts: RTi 8s
    Center: CSi5
    Surrounds: FXi 30s
    Rears: Monitor 50s

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    Oct 2004


    Mine comes from the good ol' days of yahoo chat, I tried many different usernames, but everything I tried was taken. So I scratched my head and said okay, what are you? I was a dude sitting in my bedroom, so dudeinaroom was born. It soon got changed when I forgot my password, and is now dude_in_a_room@yahoo for yahoo purposes. everywhere else it does not have the underscores. As it is here it is also for hotmail, gmail, youtube, facebook and any other online games I play and is also my gamertag on Xbox live. I should probably change it to dudeinaroom+6 or dudewith5kids, but it will most likely stay as is as it has been with me for a while, and has some sentimental value to me because of all of the fun I have had with my user name.
    Speakers:SDA2a, sub:Atlantic Technologies 172 PBM
    Pre:B&K PRO-10MC(2ch)
    Amps:Parasound HCA 1000a
    SourcesOppo DV-970HD, Xbox360, Kenwood KT-5300

    Life's short, Listen to SDA's
    Life is short live Sui Juris
    Where did SOPA go?

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    Feb 2010
    Central PA


    My "best Friend's" name (SCUBA) - he's a black LAB

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    Feb 2010
    Central PA


    Now we need a thread... "What I THOUGHT your screen name meant"

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