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    Default 12V Trigger for my B&K Video 5 Amp

    I need the most affordable way besides a DIY (I don't need to burn the house down) to turn off and on my B&K Video 5 Amp. Will a smart power strip work or does it not support enough power?
    Pioneer vsx-1120k, B&K Sonata series video-5 amplifier, Polk Rti8, Fxi3, Csi5, and HSU VTF-1

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    I know this is an old thread, but did you ever move forward with something like this? if so, how did it work out?
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    I use a smaller version of that same smart power strip. i have it set up like this:

    reciever -> trigger outlet on the smart power strip
    smart power strip -> always on outlet on power conditioner

    auto on/off outlet on smart power strip -> 110V trigger input on power conditioner
    (this turns the switchable outlets on the power condition on and off with the reciever)

    amp -> switchable power outlet on power conditioner

    I plug a variety of other stuff into the switched outlets as well, to eliminate vampire draw from the power bricks on those other devices. Xbox 360, blue ray player, TV, etc.

    If you wanted to shell out more cash, the cleaner way to do it would be one of these:
    It generates a 12V trigger signal from your receiver, which is easier to connect to other devices that than 110V signal in my setup above. I use a Belkin power conditioner which has trigger inputs for both, BTW.

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