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    Default Polk Melee Mic Not Working

    Hello Polk community,
    Around this time in February, I purchased the Polk Melee headset from Amazon because I wanted a headset that I would be able to use on both my Xbox 360 and Xbox One. From the moment I first used them I fell in love with the audio quality (especially the 5.1 surround on Xbox 360) but like everyone else, I was dissapointed with the retractable mic that made it hard for others to hear me. Regardless of this issue, I have been using the Melee as my main gaming headset and they have performed well up until today. Playing on my Xbox One with a Polk provided stereo adapter, it appears that no one can even hear me. No longer is my voice very low, my voice is non-existent. I tried unplugging and re-plugging the stereo adapter and the 3.5mm jack but nothing seems to alleviate the problem. I still receive the excellent audio quality and can hear my friends speaking over our games, but no one can hear me. I am convinced the retractable mic is defective so now that I have established my problem, what should my future course of action be?

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    Call Polk Customer Service tomorrow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by F1nut View Post
    Call Polk Customer Service tomorrow.
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