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    Default Matt Dillon, the actor....also record collector

    Apparently, actor Matt Dillon has "one of the biggest Latin vinyl record collections in the world and one of the best 78 rpm collection of Latin music from the 1920s-'50s, especially music of Cuba." Bet you didn't know that.

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    Wow, that really took me by surprise! I NEVER would have guessed that! Just goes to show that you don't really know much about a lot of things--have to leave that to other people and other eras, like John Milton!

    I'm into that scene as well. But I'm one of those guys who doesn't remember history, names, lyrics or dates when it comes to music. I just buy it, and play it, and feel it. The "feeling" is far more important than everything else, because my profession is "already" FAR too cerebral! No Exit! In the Sartrean parlance!


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    Did you know that he has a hell of a hi end system?
    So does Kevin Bacon.
    SRT For Life; SDA Forever!

    The SRT SEISMIC System:
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    I thought you meant the other Matt Dillon at first. Whew.

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