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    Default MTX Thunder 3401 with Polk Audio db1222

    So the car a family member of mine bought has the Polk Audio db1222 in the back. There's also an MTX Thunder 3401 hooked up and something else that resembles a pump (I'm very new to all this so i don't know the name). Everything seems to be hooked up and all the wiring runs under the carpeting and center console heading to the front so i can't follow it very far without ripping the car apart, but for some reason the amp and "pump" don't have any power. Also, is hooking up these subs as easy as it looks? Just hooking up the positive and negative wires on the side? Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: That "pump" is the capacitor. Sorry, i feel like an idiot now lol. I just couldn't think of the name.
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