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    Default Land Rover Discovery II dual subs replaced with single sub

    Hello everyone,

    I have a 2000 Discovery II with the Harmon Kardon system. I have removed the two rear "subs" which here 6.5" each and 4ohm each. They were factory wired in parallel so the amp sees a 2 ohm load. I have purchased an 8" Polk sub (model DXI108) in a sealed enclosure. From the HK amp there are 4 wires terminating into a plug (2+ and 2-) The plug went into the factory housing for the two subs. Since the amp saw the original setup as 2ohm I am assuming that I can use a single 2ohm speaker and all is well. My question is this: Do I use both + wires and both - wires with the single speaker or just one set? Also The original two subs were dual voice coil and the Polk is a single voice coil will this make a difference in how I need to wire?

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    If I am reading your post correctly it sounds like the OEM wires are common so using just one set should be fine.

    As far as the dual VC single long as you are wired so that the amp sees 2 Ohms all should be fine. In short, use one set of wires going to the sub and all should be good.
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