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    Default FXI A4 Placement backwards?

    Just wondering...
    I have my FXIA4's in bipole behind my couch on the wall. I have them placed as labeled L/R. This configuration aims the side with the woofer/tweeter outwards and the single tweeter at the listening position. Is this really the best way to have this? Or would it be better to have the woofers facing the listening...Dipole is not an option and these are set to bipole and unfortunately are on the wall the couch is back against....They are raised 2 feet above the head and a few more out from the couch on each side.
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    No ideas at all on this one?

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    You have them set up correctly. The woofer should face out using the walls to diffuse the sound.
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    I run FX300i models on the rear wall with the woofers facing each other, and it has been so long since I hung them I honestly can't tell you whether they are Bi or Di. No problems for me as they are mostly ambiance anyway. I can't even recall whether I tested them any other way. Mine are about 2 feet from the side walls 6'8" at the bottoms from the floor.
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    I know the logic here is that you have them placed correctly, but I'd like to offer another opinion. With ported bipoles, the bipole/dipole switch doesn't change the fact that the ported side will not necessarily be in phase with the other speakers when speaker distances are properly set. Though it doesn't say to do this in the manual for your speakers, the standard recommendation for rear wall placement of in bipole mode is to swap sides so the woofer side is facing toward your main listening position so that it matches in phase with your mains at the seats. Note: This only applies to ported bipole/dipoles, as designs with woofer/tweeter on both sides aren't susceptible to this.

    When placed on the side walls, you're actually intentionally aiming the woofers toward the front of the room so that they're in phase with the mains regardless of whether the speaker is set to bipole or dipole. Just a suggestion... and certainly won't take you long to try both ways.
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