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    Default Monitor 55T setup - basics

    I just purchased a pair of Polk Monitor 55t - my first Polk speakers ($50 each after rebate via Newegg, a total steal).
    A couple questions:
    I'm considering biwiring... any advantages or suggestions?
    Also, to anyone that owns these speakers, how have you set your crossover?
    Anything else I need to know or setup before or after connecting them?
    Last, my current center channel is 6 ohm resistance, so I've set my receiver to output 6 ohms. Should I switch this over to 8 ohms for the new speakers?

    Thanks in advance from an audio noob.

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    If you're just using an AVR, you will see little if any improvement using 2 out puts from you AVR to power 1 set of speakers. An AVR has one power supply. The more outputs you use, the less power to each speaker wired to it. That's why it states power output 1 or 2 channels driven. Keep it neat and easy, run one set of wires from the AVR to the speakers.

    Let your AVR's auto-cal program set the cross over. Normally it's recommended to start at 80 Hz. If you can start localizing your sub, the cross over is set too high. On the other hand, the more bass signals set to the sub, the more power available for the other speakers you have.

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