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Thread: Recommend a BBQ

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    The Charbroils I have looked at don't look like they have a good vaporizer system. (where the juices fall and vaporize giving that great taste). Remember that if there is eye contact with the flame from where the meat is it will not taste too great. I still have to recommend the Sears model or even a weber. They are both in a different league without too much difference in price. (the weber is more costly but the Sears on sale is like $229 if you can buy with your sears card on the right day or find a good coupon).

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    a good frien of mine had the same problem with a CharBroil here in North Texas. Rusted out within a year, he rebuilt it and it lasted about nine months. Now he burns charcoal in it...

    Fired up the Weber for Valentine's, said forget the Aussie gas POS and MAN, three of the best steaks I've tasted in a while (LOL, since the last time I used it...)

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