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    Default How do I hook up subwoofer - help!

    Hello -

    I am a newbie and just bought a used Polk RM3000 (2 surrounds and an unpowered sub-woofer.

    There are 5 connections on the back of the sub. Left channel in (red and blck connectors), right channel in (red and black connectors) and a center connector which is blue and has no markings.

    Does this sub-woof connect to the surrounds???

    Any helpl would be appreciated.


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    Im not to sure but you should have one input that says in and one that says out if that is so then you should run the main speaker out through the in on the sub and hook up your main speakers to the out on the sub. Not sure if thats gonna work cause you said that it was a passive sub. I have never had any expereince with them. Hope someone else chimes in.
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    Cool Welcome to the forum!

    I looked for the manual, but couldn't find it. Try calling or contacting Polk CS and talk to Ken or Laura. They'll help you out, and may be able to hook you up with a manual.

    Hope it helps...
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    I used to have two pairs of the RM3000 and never used the blue binding post. To be honest, I don't know why it's there, since I don't believe there was any reference to it in the manual. You need to run the connection in series from the amp, to the passive sub, and then to the respective satellites. So, two sets of speaker cables from the amp to the sub, and from the sub to the satellite. Anyway, LSi9 (a forum member) bought mine, and he might be able to chime in on how he sets 'em up.

    It's a nice satellite combo, good luck!
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