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    Dec 2011

    Default Monarchy SM70 Paired with Adcom GFP-750 . . . Thoughts??

    I understand the Adcom needs to be used in Passive mode due to the Monarchys needing low/no gain.
    The Adcom I currently own, but have not listened to it, as I cannot seem to unplug the Souped-up Cary

    Here's the deal . . . Two SM70 are available locally (they can be used as mono blocks or individually as stereo) Very versatile.

    These are original SM70s not the MK2 . . . Can somebody chime-in and share their thoughts?


    ps initially this set-up will be used with the Salk SongTowers rated efficiency 88 dB

    Mains Polk SDA SRS 2 (modified) Sub M&K MX-100
    Power Pass Aleph 30 & Adcom GFA 5802
    Power Conditioner Furman Elite 15 PF i
    Rears Definitive Technology BP-2
    Center Definitive Technology C-1
    Pre/Pro Integra DHC 40.1
    Pre Cary SLP-98 Hot Rod
    LCD Samsung LN46B750
    Source Oppo 105
    Wires MIT S3.3

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    I say go for it but they 750 may be too warm with those monos that also have a very warm sig. I have never had the two at the same time to do a comparison.

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