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    Default what kind of cartridge do I have?

    The title says it all. I should have asked this ages ago when I got my first tt but because my preamp had no varitation just a rca input I don't know if I have a mm or mc cart. Mine now is a Grado FT+1 but very hard to read on the front edge of the cartridge. Now, fully admitting not even knowing what type I have if I did get a pre that had either a switch or different inputs which would I use. Additionally can damage be caused by putting in the wrong input type?
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    Well - actually the Grado is neither :-) -- it is a "moving iron" or variable-reluctance cartridge; but in terms of operation, it's got an output of several millivolts and expects the gain, EQ, and loading of a moving magnet (MM) cartridge.

    Interestingly, Joe Grado invented the moving coil cartridge (as we know it) in the 1950s, but quickly abandoned that technology for MI cartridges, which Grado has made - expertly - for many decades.

    As an aside, the top-line Grado cartridges are available in "high" and "low" output versions (where high = MM levels and low = so-called "low output moving coil" levels).
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