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    Default Brand new MM5251 fautly out of box.

    After a solid month of constant speaker research I thought the MM5251's would be the best choice for my set up, and finaly worked myself to spending what I consider a respectable amount of money for them @ $210USD.

    I start unboxing them and preping them for installation. First thing I do is transfer the tweeters from the flush cups to the surface cups. I do this very carefully as I always have, and right off the bat, the power leads brake off one of the tweeters and take most of the terminal tabs with them, fantastic.
    I do my best to repair them, as it usually is more hastle to ship them back any ways. I proceded to install everything else. Everything runs fine for about 20mins, and then one of the woofer stops working. Upon closer inspection, I find that, once again at the solder joint right beside the center cone where the tinsel enters the spider, it has broken off, great.

    Now I have a dead woofer and a tweeter with a makeshift repair from a brand new set of, what should be, higher end speakers.

    I hope the store (Techronics) has my back on replacing these. If not I am unsure what my step is.
    Also I'm here to express my unimpressed experience with these factory faults.

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    Welcome to Polk's forum, I'm sorry you're having a problem. I'm sure Polk CS would like to examine the tweeter and driver and could also arrange replacements. Give them a call at 1-800-377-7655 or contact them at I'll send them a copy of this thread.
    I know it can be frustrating having a problem, but Polk will take care of you.
    Regards, Ken
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    CS at its finest . . .
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    Sorry you're having trouble with them. Those MM's are not higher end speakers - sorry to say. They are a level above entry. Nice speakers, but not higher end.

    Polk will take care of you. Once Ken is on the trail, no stone is left unturned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DSkip View Post
    Sorry you're having trouble with them. Those MM's are not higher end speakers - sorry to say. They are a level above entry. Nice speakers, but not higher end.
    They are the most expensive car speakers Polk makes at $399 retail. Guess Polk doesn't make higher end car speakers anymore...sad.

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    I guess some shops have difference policy when it comes to Dead on Arrival products and warranty issues. Sometimes, even if you owned the product for less than 30 days, you'll have to send them back for warranty work. Some shops will pay shipping both ways, some will only pay the return shipping.

    If you bought from an authorized Polk Audio dealer, I would deal directly with Polk Customer Service.

    I'm sorry that you're having issues with your speakers... It's way more frustrating to have an issue with a car speaker than with a home speaker (except maybe in-wall speakers!). I'm mean, sometimes, it's an hassle to install... having to remove it 20 mins after the job's done is really crappy... I hope you'll be able to have a replacement as soon as possible!
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