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    Default Any experience with an Amber Series 70 amplifier?

    I took a chance and bought a used Amber Series 70 amp on CL for cheap. I have heard good things about Amber products in the past, but have never heard one.

    This thing sounds really sweet! very detailed and musical. Built like a tank, heavy with big transformer and caps, nice wiring. Seems way oversized for it's modest 70 wpc rating.

    Using it in the basement system with a Counterpoint tube hybrid pre and Dahlquist DQ-20 speakers. I don't think they have ever sounded better, even with previous bigger, more expensive amps.

    Anyone have experience with Amber components? I can't find out much about them.
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    Yes, I sold Amber products in the '70's and '80's, very good sounding and well built. The designer was an electrical engineering instructor at University of Virginia, if I remember correctly.
    Enjoy, Ken
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