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    Question Sub/Amp/Box Questions...

    I have a few questions...any answers are appreciated. First let me provide some information.

    I have a MM2124 sub and a Kenwood KAC7201 amp installed in the trunk of a Nissan SE-R. I just bought the sub and installed it in the box I already had so I could use it until I build a new one to specs (0.88cu/ft sealed) The box I put it in is 1.25 cu/ft sealed and it sounds really good (surprisingly) In the 1.25 box, it seems to be really loud and clear when reproducing high and low bass, but what I lack is the quick "punchiness" in most rock/metal music. It just doesn't seem really accurate in reproduction of quick short bass...(like someone going crazy on a double bass drum in a metal song) My questions are:

    1. Will I lose the perfect sounding low and extended bass quality when dropping from a 1.25 cu/ft box to a 0.88 box?
    2. Is my amp (rated at 460 x 1 @ 4ohms bridged mono) too much or too little power for the sub? (Do I run the risk of damaging the sub with it?)
    3. Do I run the risk of damaging the sub while using it in the 1.25 cu/ft sealed box?
    4. Could I use poly-fill to compensate for the oversized box at all? (I may be way off here.)

    Again, I really appreciate any answers and/or opinions and I hope I gave enough info and asked reasonable questions. Thanks.
    -Scott O.

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    When you decrease the box volume you will lose some of the range that you get with the larger box. You will however gain the faster bass response that you're looking for. It's all a trade off.

    You should play around with WinISD. This program will graphically show you how your box volume will effect the subs range.

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    he's right
    but instead of making another box, you could just screw some pieces of wood inside the box until you get it down to size
    that amp is not going to hurt the sub, its perfect
    polyfill makes the box seem bigger, so thats a no go as well
    and yes, you do run more risk of damaging the sub b/c it lacks the ability to support itself in a bigger box

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    Yea,what they if you add poly fill it will make the sub think it's in an even bigger box...thus increasing the box volumn...

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