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Thread: No Tweet

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    Default No Tweet


    I've got a pair of Polk R40 speakers that are sounding very flat. I can hear no sound coming from either of the tweaters. Are the tweaters blown or is there some other problem?

    I purchased the speakers on 1/30/2001. Are they still under warranty and would I have to return the entire speaker for a repair or could I just send the faulty part?



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    Remove the woofer *opposite side of the binding post on the back*

    see if there is any messed up piece in the crossover....

    If nothing is wrong there

    take out the tweet, make sure all connections are good...

    if they are, they are blown..

    Since they are blown at this point, call Ken.

    Polk will just want you to send the blown parts, and they will send you a replacement in return. /////

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    Before you start taking stuff apart...Both tweeters? Have you tried hooking up another pair of speakers to the same terminals on your receiver and listened to the tweeters. Seems strange to have both tweeters in both speakers fail at the exact same time.
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    Default Citabriaman?

    Totally off subject, and no help whatsoever, but with a name like Citabriaman I'm assuming you fly one. I ask because I just got done being upside down for the better part of an hour.
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    Default Probably blown

    The same thing happened to me with my R-40's. This was about 6 months to a year ago and now I'm afraid it's happened again. The same symptoms. I hope nothing is wrong with the crossover. I'm fairly sure that they've blown again. I don't want to rip on Polk as a whole at all. They replaced the tweeters last time with no problems and they sounded like new again. R-40's are rated up to 150 watts...maybe I need more wattage or something I thought 80 would be enough. Well hope this helps, my vote is that it's the tweeters not the crossover.
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    Not knowing all the facts of the gear you two guys own and your listening habits I'm going out on a limb and say it's got to do with volume levels. If you're turning the volume up near or past the halfway point, it's too high. It's got nothing to do with crossovers, it's got everything to do with dirty power and clipping.
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    Originally posted by F1nut
    Not knowing all the facts of the gear you two guys own and your listening habits... clipping.

    Welcome to the Club, Citabriaman. How do you pronounce that?
    More later,
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