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    Default RTi150 ability and sound

    I have read here quite a few posts stating the RTi150's are lacking. Well I have had mine now a few weeks. During the day have been running pink noise thru them at a modest level to break them in. They have about 100+ hours of pink noise going thru so drivers are now broken in fairly well. But the thing that amazes me most here is the statements that they do not play well. I am using a high current amp only rated at 100 watts per channel with headroom to about 275(copper bus bars pass the power to the output circuts which are mos-fet. I am running in a bi-amp mode for stereo. And surround (no bi-amp)for DVD-A and movies. Amp is able to handle a 2-4 ohm load and I can barely get the volume above 1/4 to 1/3 and I am hitting well over 105db. Can you say bleeding ears :) The highs are extremely crisp and clean. Mids smooth and the bass tight and able to vibrate my sternum (ow). So what is up with people saying they are lacking? It seems to me IMHO that most people are not understanding what good uncolored sound is like. I have read comments like "they are neautral sounding" "my old pioneers sound better" Are people here making quantum leaps in sound and not realizing what they are really hearing?? I am asking this honestly not making fun of any one mind you. Neutral sound...that means that the speakers do not impart any of their own charcteriscs and just pass the sound from the source without colorization. I have found them to be gems for price they sell for.

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    I haven't read comments like the ones that you refer to recently. Most of the recent comments seem to be complaining of receivers with 100 wpc @ 8 ohms trying to drive them and shutting down which I don't find to be a huge surprise.

    I don't have a pair of these, but I do have a pair of RTi12's, which are not unlike the 150's in the bass department, that I could drive fairly well with a Onkyo 100 wpc high current receiver but they really opened up after break in with 400+ wpc of a Sunfire GC II Sig or two thrown at them.
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