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    Feb 2002

    Cool jazz @ the pawnshop

    today i went to a local vinyl shop(recordland/calgary,alberta,canada)
    im in there like 4x a week($30-$50 a shot) the owner loves me,today he asked if i could fix his thorens 166[ground hum from rca}.i was told that he'd make it VERY WORTH MY TIME.well 2 rca's (ixos) some solder and 1/2hr later he walks up yo me with my pay....still sealed...vf+ of course,DID I SAY THAT IT WAS UNOPENED ALLREADY?!?!?!.sorry i did, *************JAZZ AT THE PAWN SHOP***************!!!!!!! HOLY SMOKIN' CANADAIAN ICEICLES!!!
    i've never heard such a warm and inviting sound stage in my life.i played it 4x with a brand new grado black in a vintage grado gt cart.
    on a thorens 166 mkII/nakamichi pre-marantz sr18ex-home brew carfea little big horns....... WOW!
    --MARANTZ SR18ex 140wpc x 5 (high current/direct amp)thx-ex "ultra"
    electrohome tube amp 15watt. pr channel(aprox.1955a.d.) for 2 channel audio{recently recapped& tubed-5ar4power rect. & 12au7)
    -kenwood amp(km-996/140wpc(used for 7.1 rears(thx ex)
    -toshiba dvd video/audio player(progressive scan) sd-4700
    -sony sacd cd player scd-xe670
    -nakamichi "music bank cd player "6+1disk(20bit dac)
    -toshiba hifi vcr (v3 pro head)
    -motorola digital cable box
    -RCA 32' "home theater" PIP tv
    -polk RT800i x 2 (mains) ~bi-wired
    -polk sc400i x 1 (center) ~bi-wired
    -polk fx300i x 2 (side fx) ~di-pole
    -polk r10 x 2 (rears)
    -polk pws250 (powered sub)
    -2x173ltr(48"-16")sono subs(powered by kenwood kr-7200 250watt & w/ audiosource EQ (model eq eight/series II)
    -Thorens td-166 mk II/Grado silver fs1
    -Thorens td-160/empire 66cart
    -Dual 601
    -D.I.Y. carfea "little big horns"-(pioneer full range 8" & fostex 4" compression horn tweaters
    -sony (ps1)
    -sony (ps2)

    -haroo, "GOD gave you the gift of sound, Your gift to God is what you do with it!"
    "marantz haroo"

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    Oct 2002
    North Victoria Gardens, Altacucawanda, California


    jazz at the pawnshop is THE reference recording, I heard it the first time back in 1977. It is such an awesome live recording that unparalleled even by today's standard...congrats on the finding!
    I am sorry, I have no opinion on the matter. I am sure you do. So, don't mind me, I just want to talk audio and pie.

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