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Thread: Vented MM12

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    Default Vented MM12

    Hey, I have 2 MM12's now and I have been working for the past few weeks on making custom kick panels with fiberglass for my car to fit my speakers to make everything look good. Now it is time for me to move on to the fiberglass sub enclosure. What I have been thinking was to make the enclosure vented to make it louder. Can anyone give me some plus's and minus's to a vented enclosure with the MM12's or if anyone has done a vented enclosure for the MM12's please tell me how it is sizes of the enclosure and other specs to make it... thanks alot.
    ~Rich Montoni

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    according to what we've all heard from polk - venting a momo sub will result in extreme stress on the woofer's suspension... as it's not designed to run in a vented box. long story short - they say you'll wreck the sub. personally i'd agree, the momo isn't a long throw woofer... it's best in a sealed box - then again IMHO any sub is best sealed.
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    dont vent a momo
    bad things will happen
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