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    Default Rear and front speakers

    i have a 2001 dodge intrepid. i was looking atthe db 690 series, is the pair only for rear speakers?

    if the db 690 is for rear speakers, can i install it for front(door) speakers also?

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    dodge uses 6x9's in the front in a lot of their vehicles.... why? i dunno... "dodge...different" - go figure... anyway, no they're not just rear speakers, you can use them anywhere in the car... 6x9's often give u a little more OOMPH to bass when placed up front and crossed over properly... so its not a bad thing dude.
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    id rather put a 6.5 component system in the front
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    I have a theory as to why Dodge sticks 6x9s in the front. It keeps the bass up front more rather than in back which is ideally where you would want it. I have Momo 6x9s in my front doors and an MTX 8 in the back and most of the bass is up front with me instead of coming from the back. Of course it also helps that I have my rear speaker turned down so low as to not even have them.

    Also Id like to 2nd the use of components rather than coaxials up front. Much better imaging and stage.

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