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    Default seperates for LSi's?

    I own a pair of LSi25's and am thinking of getting a LSi HT setup. I have a NADT763 receiver and was wondering if I should get a seperate amp and use the NAD as a pre-amp. I heard that you can get better sound quality using seperate components. I'm also wondering if my receiver can power all of the speakers I'm planning on getting (LsiC, pair of LSiFX's). Any thoughts?

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    I can only speak to what I have seen in my system. I own a pair of Lsi15's. I ran them off a denon reciever, and then moved to an amp. The amp now drives the 2 fronts and my center. I saw a big difference in the towers. I got more bass, and lower tones with the amp. With the Lsi25's they have a built in amp to handle the demands of the bass so....... NOt sure, but I would still think that if the funds permit, moving to seperates is a solid move I think.

    Just my 0.02
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    How does the NAD T763 sound to you right now with the LSi 25 in two channel? Do you find it capable of achieving the dynamics at the sound intensity that you like listening to? How large is the volume of the listening room in cubic feet?

    The NAD T763 is a nice receiver and has a torodial high current power supply:

    6 x 100W Simultaneous Minimum Continuous Power into 4 / 8 ohms
    210W, 300W, 370W IHF Dynamic Power into 8, 4 and 2 ohms, respectively
    High Current Holmgren™ Toroidal Power Transformer

    I would feel confident to proceed with the upgrade of the surround LSi speakers and hold off on the amp purchase. Getting a seperate NAD C270 amp might benefit you a little but only if you listen really loud and then the difference might not be as big as you think for the money. I owned a Rotel RSX 1055 and added a RB 1070 amp to it and found that the difference was only at extreme volumes which I wouldn't normally listen to. This was in a somewhat large 3,000 cubic feet room with two openings to other living areas. The 1070 had a little bit better control of the bass due to a higher damping factor as well but really not a jaw dropping difference here either.

    You would probably have to add two C270s bridged to hear an appreciable difference at very high levels. Remember double the power in watts is only a 3 db gain in sound intensity.

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