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    Default All entry level subs the same??

    Many of you have or have had the psw202. I am reading a lot about the woes of this sub; poor sound, amp blows, not Polk's forte` etc. The question that keeps coming to my mind though is are there any other sub out there for 100 clams that is better.

    Is there that much diffrence between the entry level ($100 -$200) subs out there; Polk, Sony, Yamaha, other?

    Also, how important is the power of the amp? Would the psw202 with a 200w amp be twice as good, all else being the same?

    I am looking at the psw202 or other entry level sub because a. speakers are not a priority right now on my limited cash flow, and b. a little sub is better than no sub.


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    Try this....

    I used to own two of them. Check the reviews for this sub on

    Don't worry too much about the power rating on amps. Highly overrated. What really matters is how it sounds.

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    IMO most of the entry level subs are the same. They are tuned in 35-40 Hz area, small box, cheap driver, modest power.
    The Dayton kit subs from seem to be very popular.

    The 202 with 200W would probably be better but it is not worth the effort.

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    I had the 202 with no problems... they carry a 5 year warranty. its covered anyway.. I liked it and it never distorted for me, calibrate it and your golden.

    It works well with music.. and movies with a reasonable volume..

    If you want a sub on the cheap.. the polks and velodynes work fine,
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    I had the Sony SA-WM40 and was very happy with how well it did for the cost. It was a very popular sub and I think the new generation of Sony subs is popular as well.
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    Default Thanks, very helpful

    Thanks all, this is very helpful!

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    i had the sony wm 500 same as the sony mentioned above. its inexpensive (less than 150.00 on the internet and ebay) and can be modified (do a search, the mods are easy to find). the sony with the mods yielded a very solid performer. i was very surprised how well i tperformed musically as well as for movies in its price range.

    another choice, while i have never heard it myself, but i have heard good things. from parts express, as mentioned above. the link to the item is below. for 109.00, i hear thing thing is pretty solid.
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    IF you can afford a little more I've heard that the entry level Hsu sub (STF-1) is much better than the other low cost subs. Hsu sells it direct at You might be able to get it cheaper somewhere else (ebay?)
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    Do all entry level subs sound the same? No.

    You should be able to purchase the HSU STF-2 for $350 at Comp USA.

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