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    Default bought a second set of 70's

    Tonight my wife and I went to CC and of course I went into the speaker room and the last set of 70's I've been eyeballing for a while were finally priced down to the point of the must buy O.B. price of $89.97ea and I had to get them :D . They are in pretty good condition one has a small chip on the front top corner (no big issue) the other is chip and scratchless they both look as though they have been out of there box's and have the normal fade that I would coincider normal and sound as good as the other ones I have that were NIB. FWIW if anybody needs they also had a mint cond. set of 38's for $99ea a CSI30 for $149 a pair of fx300's for $129ea and rti28's (don't know price). If any body is interested let me know and I get them and send them out for you for the price plus shipping and insurance.


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    Nice score there, Dave. Time to update the profile again I guess. :)

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    For what $200 out the door? Yup, qualifies as a score in my book...
    More later,
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