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    Default is this a good idea?

    i have a component set that handles 70 to 100 watts rms.i am considering buying a soundstream class a picasso 4 channel amp(25*4) for them.these speakers are question is 25 watts too much 4 the tweeters?is 25 watts too little for the mids?the amp is said to be underrated.also,i am considering a polk momo 12 to compliment the front stage in my attempt at a sq. setup as i have heard very good things about them in that there a reccomended wattage for the sub in relation to the front?i am a rank amateur at car audio.this is my first car stereo ever.any advice would be greatly appreciated.also...iwould like to thank kim for the helpful reply to my previous post.we're fortunate to have you here 4 us.thanx! sincerely, jeff hansen

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    Most class A amplifiers do not have any headroom to speak of. I would be concerned that this amp maybe a little too small for this application. Clipping, and distortion is the number one killer of loudspeakers. If you like it "LOUD" then look for amp that has a power rating of 150 Watts per channel to drive the components.
    For the MM120 we recommend using a amplifier that has a bridged power rating of 500 to 1000 Watts and install it in a .88
    cubic feet sealed enclosure or the bandpass enclosure that we posted on our website. Click on "Toolbox" then on the MM120
    Bandpass enclosure.
    If you need some asistance with amplifier recommendations,
    let us know and we will be glad to help.

    Happy Amp Hunting!!

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