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    Dec 2001

    Angry EX602A, EX693A Speakers


    After waiting for so long, finally I got POLK speakers installed in my car... It was a dream come true...
    I have installed POLK EX602A, EX693A speakers in my Toyota Camry. I have a SONY EXPLODe cassette player.

    I ma not atall satisfied with the sound quality of the speakers....It sounds some what similar to my factory speakers....

    What can be wrong !!!! What is the bast player for the POLK speakers.... I real want a good sound....High treble.. CRISP sound...

    My friend has PIONEER speakers & CD Player & it sound 100 times better than POLK...

    Circuit city sales person told that ALPINE will be the best combination for POLK...

    Need your advise...

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    Jan 2002

    Cool Definately Alpine!!!!!!!!!

    I'm using an Alpine CDA-D857 head unit (which, by the way rocks the whole freakin' neighborhood WITHOUT amps...), and an Alpine ERE-G190 processor, sent through 3 Jensen amps(XA2150 75Wx2, front Polk EX3560's, XA2100 50Wx2 rear, Polk 693a's, and XA 2250 125Wx2 pushing 2 Polk GNX 12's) and my "family" ride JAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say definately hoard-up a little cash and go Alpine. One of the biggest reasons it'll sound good (and why Polk's sound like crap most of the time in a store listening room is the converse of this), is because you're getting more power out of the Alpine internal amps, it's a cleaner signal, it's balanced. Let us know what you decide, and the outcome of your decision.

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    Jan 2002

    Thumbs up ALPINE!!!

    I work at Circuit City in the car audio department. I always recommend Alpine for every application. Alpine is known for clean sound, and very low distortion (especially their V12 amps). Everyone in the car audio department at the Circuit City I work at has Alpine in their vehicle. I have the CDA-7873, if you are willing to spend a little extra, this would be a great compliment to your system.
    Polk is also the the number one choice of speaker where I work!
    I recently just purchased a set of MM465 for my Silverado. They are worth every dollar I spent on them!!!

    Good luck on your system,
    Brian McGee

    Circuit City #3312
    2735 S. Towne Ave.
    Pomona, CA 91766

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